Where have all the humans gone?


It is interesting, don’t you think?  Amazon has launched their Amazon Go – store of the future, where checkout is no longer required.  Artificial Intelligence Smart Assistants such as Google Home, and Amazon Echo are entering homes on a daily basis, and it is predicted that soon, owning a smart assistant will not be a choice.  Are we truly entering the “Jetson” era, where our world and daily lives, are ran by machines?

What does this mean for the business world?  I believe everything  in moderation,  yes, even wine. 🙂   It is true that a small business trying to compete with conglomerates such as Amazon or Google, will find this new technology more than challenging.  On the other hand having a smart assistant help you manage tasks such as email, phone calls, and scheduling of appointments, might actually help lighten your load. 

There must be room for both.  Surely the pendulum will swing back towards the middle where we find value in a human face, and a personal connection.  The first impression you, and your business offers, will make the difference between treading these waters, or sinking beneath it all.  

This human is happy to help you, anyway I can.

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